Hall Club Lambs - Chestertown, Maryland
Hall Club Lambs - Chestertown, Maryland

Hall 5645
Sire: Impact 11056 B ET  “Calvin”
Dam: Viking 3089 a  Super Duty daughter - Full sister to Moxie and Full sister to reserve Grand Ohio state Fair

Registered Hamp
Born  2/17/2015

45 is the reason I was able to sell Calvin. David and Helen wanted to cut him all spring! Will sample in 2015.


(5 & 1/2 Months - Day of first collection)

Sire: Blowin Smoke
Dam: Sugar Bear 

Registered Hamp
Full brother to Donnie Begalka’s  “Wow”
(Pictured Below)
Born March 2015

A line bred “Truck” ram to use on the Calvin’s and Reel Steels

I talked with Donnie at Sedalia and liked what he had. Then I found out that  this guy was still at home. Truck appears 4 times in his 3 generation pedigree on top and bottom. Will sample in 2015.


Pictured at 7 years of age.

Miller O-342

Seldom when producing seed stock of any kind do you get an opportunity to purchase a proven sire that has become a
legacy and still looks the part. Here is Vintage.
Miller O-342 Tw. Pictured at 7 years old.

Thank you Mike Leventini, California, and Jim Miller, Texas,
for making this “Stud” available to me. I hope that he can become
as influential on the EAST coast as he did on the WEST Coast.
I want to thank Aaron Jennings for his help in this acquisition.


I have been blessed to get 2 sons from this great ram and have
decided to sell him so another breeder can benefit from his outstanding genetics.
He is in great health and can make a great addition to a Hamp slick shear breeder or a club lamb breeder
For Sale!
Wheaton 9117
True Blood x Classic

I feel very fortunate to be able to purchase this proven ram from Rill and Kibler. I have used him in the past with great success. I believe he is "True Blood" finest. Sorry Terry -  Super Duty to close. Maximus sires a great hip shape, loin edge, leg shape, bone, shag,  with more than adequate frame score.


Maximus Dam
Maximus Dam - Wheaton 7021
High Selling Ewe - Wheaton's Bred Ewe Sale
Has Raised Over 7 Stud Bucks & is the maternal sister to "The One" & "The Duke"
Maximus Dam
Maximus Dam
Maximus Dam
Maximus Dam

Full Brother to Maximus

Out of Wheaton 7021
Full Brother to Maximus
"Wheaton 9117"
Out of Wheaton 7021
Hall Club Lambs Sires Hall Club lambs Sires





"Open Bar"
Gameface x Cash
Owned by Steva Robinson
TA x Tech
Owned by Shroyer Show Stock
Strange x Stetzin
Owned by Viking Genetics


Johnson 56 x Stitzlein
Owned by Viking Genetics
"Rack City"
Burn x Unleaded
Owned by Rule Sheep Company






Reference Sires

Sire - Young Jock
Dam - 670Y (The Heat is On x Packen Heat)
Owned with Rill & Kibler

This sire's dam has produced Grand Overall at WI State Fair in 2008, Grand Hamp at The Clash (IA)  in 2008, Grand Hamp and Grand Overall at The Clash in 2009 in both shows 1 & 2, and Reserve Crossbred at the  2009 WI State Feair.  She is a big, stout, high-headed, great spined, huge hipped, great structure, and huge foot - just one of those fault free ones.


Hall Club Lambs Sires
2012 Lamb Crop Photos
- Congratulations Rill & Kibler -
Calvin X Garrett
Purchased from Michael Kibler



Hall Club Lambs
Impact's Dam
Impact's Maternal Sib
Impact's Maternal Sib

Calvin x Cummings
Sold twin at Sedalia.
Middleweight Champion Delaware State Fair 2012

Overall Champion
2014 First State Jackpot Congratulations
Helen King
Calvin X Maximus ewe lamb
Hall Club Lambs        
Champion and Reserve Champion Crossbred
2014 First State Jackpot show
Helen King - champion
Keegan Rill - Reserve Champion
Both lambs are Calvin’s on Maximus / 9117 daughters





Red Blood

Top Gun
9117 (Trueblood Son) x Double Bred Cabaniss
Purchased from my partner at Rill Club Club lambs

Tremendous length of body, bone, great hip and pin structure. Supreme Champion 2012 Carroll County Fair






Hall Club Lambs

Smooth Criminal x Vintage

Full brother sold to Mennen Club Lambs , Walton Indiana

Sold to Darryl Gumbine, Pa





Long Blood

Long Blood
Tag 3815
"Maximus" son x Begalka 9180 (Vintage - "Bandit's mother")







Tag 3032
Strange x Wooly Mammoth

A Strange Son form an outstanding Wooly Mammoth daughter. Purchased in dam from Franklin Show Lambs

1/2 Interest and Possession sold to
Jay and Nick Cheran, PA



Grand and Reserve Market Lambs
2015 Snyder County Fair - PA
Sired by SS
Raised by Jay Cheran




Tag 3059
Super Duty X Creole X Super Duty's mom ( Classic )

Dam is a full sister to Viking 2084, standing at Viking Genetics!
2084 has done an outstanding job - got to see his daughters last month - Sired by Creole!

1/2 Interest and possession sold to
Ted And Maria Babola, Delaware

2084 Viking
VIking 2084 - Full brother to Super Charge's Dam!







100 x Diesel
Purchased from Ott Club Lambs

Reserve Overall & Champion Hamp Ram
Midwest Elite - Richmond, IN

We are extremely pleased with his first set of lambs!

Otto's sire: 100


Sired by Otto
Sired by Otto
Sired by Otto
Hall 12388
3rd April Crossbred Ram
2012 Midwest Stud Ram Sale
Sold to Tyler Feller
Hall 11315
Reserve Suffolk-Cross Ewe
2011 NJSS
Sold to Dan Durheim
Hall 11354
Champion Lightweight
2011 NJSS
Reserve Lightweight Hamp
2011 All-American Show
Sold to David VanCleave





Top Gun
Top Gun
Johnson 56 (Pistol Son) x Shell 700 daughter - 9005

A bigger, longer version of Double Barrel. You need to watch his progress!





Double Barrell

Double Barrell
Sire - Johnson 56 - "Pistol" son
Dam - Shell 700 Daughter - "Guywire" son
Purchased from Shannon Feuebach - Keystone, IA


Johnson 56
Double Barrell's sire: Johnson 56


2012 Lamb Crop Photo

Double Barrell FULL SISTER!
Reserve Grand Champion
Commerical Ewe
2012 Iowa State Fair FFA Show





Tight Wire
Guywire Son
Bred by Guy Glasscock

Owned with Rill Club Lambs





Long Shot

Long Shot
Sire - Grave Digger
Dam - Trigger
Purchased from Williams Show Lambs

After visiting Morris/Pierson and Brain Johnson this spring, I was able to combine Grave Digger (Blind Luck X Troubadour ) and Trigger in one package.

Long Shot





Cartel x proven Toxic Daughter Begalka's showed
Purchased from Begalka

Reserve Champion Crossbred Ram
MIdwest Elite - Richmond, IN

Owned with Rill Club Lambs

Dakota's sire: Cartel (King Kong x Ceaser)







Art X Jenny

Jack's sire: "Art"
(Miller BLK 146 -a flush brother to Miller Master)







Adjusted REA 3.65 Sq. In., 14 BF
(adjusted for 125 lbs)

A Miller - "Master Piece" son





Adjusted REA - 3.61 sq. in.
Adjusted BF - .29 in.
(adjusted for 125 lbs)

Mc 38





Master M


Miller Master - His sire





Kimm 5006
Adjusted REA - 3.58 sq. in.
Adjusted BF - .22 in.
(adjusted for 125 lbs)

Mc 38





Kimm 4015
Adjusted REA - 3.35 sq. in.
Adjusted BF - .29 in.
(adjusted for 125 lbs)

Pictured at 122 lbs.

Mc 38





Hall 01K14
Adjusted REA - 3.73 sq. in.
Adjusted BF - .35 in.
(adjusted for 125 lbs)

Pictured at 163 lbs.


Hall Club Lambs - Chestertown, Maryland
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